Our Story


Welcome to the world of Logan Tay, where fashion meets beach vibes and creativity knows no bounds! Founded in 2017 by Logan Poos, our brand is a reflection of Logan's love for fashion and her unique creative spirit.


From a young age, Logan had a deep appreciation for fashion and always added her own twist to every outfit. She cut up her clothes and accessories, transforming them into her own. Growing up in the face of her parents' divorce, Logan was thrust into a world of independence, where she learned to navigate life's challenges on her own. This experience ignited a powerful mission within her—to inspire young girls to chase their dreams and discover their unlimited potential, regardless of their upbringing.


Through the years, making jewelry became Logan's escape from the world. With each piece she created, she poured her heart and soul into capturing the essence of her surroundings: the vibrant energy of the people around her, the mesmerizing allure of the ocean, and the captivating adventures she embarked upon.


Today, Logan Tay has blossomed into a thriving fashion jewelry company, with designs that are embraced by individuals worldwide. Every piece we create is infused with love and joy, ensuring that everyone who wears our jewelry feels a spark of happiness and a connection to something greater than themselves.


Let your creativity run wild, and let our jewelry be your ultimate statement piece.


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